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Four Fab Fundraising Ideas To Get You Started On The Money-Making Path To Success

March 20 2016 , Written by Jonathon

If you are looking to raise funds, a good start is to figure out the talents that you have and what you can do to earn the money you are looking for without spending a whole lot. You want something that is simple for you to do, but is easy to sell and market, and a good moneymaker. Here are three ideas to get you started on the fundraising path.

1. Do you enjoy baking, and are your friends and relatives always complementing you on how great your chocolate cake or homemade bread is? If so, a bake sale may be the perfect place to start. Try baking up big batches of your favorite treats; brownies, cupcakes, fudge, rolls... Everyone in town will want a part of your sale when they see your fabulous display of food.

2. If baking isn't your forte but you enjoy crafting, such as knitting scarves, consider selling them. You could try Etsy or some other online source to help you make the sales, or you could have a sale in your local community. People love handmade items, and the scarves or other items made with love by you, are sure to be big sellers.

3. Or, how about having a car wash? Simple and easy and no special talent needed, not to mention that everyone has dirty cars and is looking for a good deal to get them clean. When your community finds out that they are helping someone out, they will be more than eager to go to your car wash and let you take care of their dirty vehicle for them.

4. This is another fabulous fundraising idea from a company in New Zealand. The company makes fundraising scratchcards, which are great fun - and give atop return on investment. To find out more, click here.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your fundraising, and picking one of them would be a good start. Or, if you want to try all three, go ahead!

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