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Four Fab Fundraising Ideas To Get You Started On The Money-Making Path To Success

March 20 2016 , Written by Jonathon

If you are looking to raise funds, a good start is to figure out the talents that you have and what you can do to earn the money you are looking for without spending a whole lot. You want something that is simple for you to do, but is easy to sell and market, and a good moneymaker. Here are three ideas to get you started on the fundraising path.

1. Do you enjoy baking, and are your friends and relatives always complementing you on how great your chocolate cake or homemade bread is? If so, a bake sale may be the perfect place to start. Try baking up big batches of your favorite treats; brownies, cupcakes, fudge, rolls... Everyone in town will want a part of your sale when they see your fabulous display of food.

2. If baking isn't your forte but you enjoy crafting, such as knitting scarves, consider selling them. You could try Etsy or some other online source to help you make the sales, or you could have a sale in your local community. People love handmade items, and the scarves or other items made with love by you, are sure to be big sellers.

3. Or, how about having a car wash? Simple and easy and no special talent needed, not to mention that everyone has dirty cars and is looking for a good deal to get them clean. When your community finds out that they are helping someone out, they will be more than eager to go to your car wash and let you take care of their dirty vehicle for them.

4. This is another fabulous fundraising idea from a company in New Zealand. The company makes fundraising scratchcards, which are great fun - and give atop return on investment. To find out more, click here.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your fundraising, and picking one of them would be a good start. Or, if you want to try all three, go ahead!

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How to Attract New Clients

February 27 2016 , Written by Jonathon

In order to accelerate your business' sales you're going to need to take into account several underlying algorithms. Once you've taken these into account and then run a few prospective ROI's on your PPC's you should be able to figure out quite precisely what AIO's you can most effectively target....what?! For sure I have confused you.

Granted, there are some really amazing marketing programs, approaches, products, and mindsets out there today, but marketing does not need to be that complex or confusing, especially for small business owners. As the business world rockets into the future, some business owners are also rocketing away from their personal skills. Unfortunately, today's new-age marketing tactics have been causing more and more business owners to forget the true roots of successful business practices. What businesses of all sizes need to keep fresh in their minds is that attracting new business is just like making new friends. Remember, the key to any successful marketing campaign is to attract clients. Although hard work and industriousness is encouraged, if you fail to gear your business marketing efforts towards attracting clients, you'll spend too much time chasing after them.

Business Relationships Are Forms of Friendship: You introduce yourself (business) and talk to people (prospects) about your interests (your personal and business core strengths), eventually finding issues that you have in common (how you can help them make money). Not only should this simple formula help you pull in more clients, it should also remind you to actually treat your clients like friends.

And even though we suggest you adopt a friendlier, less complex approach to new business, we're definitely not suggesting that you forgo the obvious bounty provided by the ability to do business around the world through the power of the Internet. What's the best way to maintain a personal touch and attract new clients on an otherwise faceless Web? Combine friend-making copywriting with online video.

What many people don't realize yet is just how simple online video marketing has become. "Now, for the very first time video is accessible to the small business where it used to only be an option for companies who had the big dollars to spend on television advertising," reports Derek Heck (AKA Heckman the Video Web Wonder), owner of Scapes Creative. He went on to explain that "YouTube is now considered the second largest search engine on the Internet; second to Google but ahead of Yahoo and Bing."

Thanks to online video marketing, entrepreneurs and businesses of all shapes and sizes are given the opportunity to get their face, and the face of their business, out on the Web. Add some natural, sincere speech through professionally written online video scripts and you set your website up with a virtual representative that works around the clock for you. After the initial online video and copywriting fee, it works for you for free-aside from in intern, that's as cheap as it gets.

If you are confused about marketing, checkout the Hubspot UK Marketing platform. This makes marketing an absolute breeze even for total newbies, as Hubspot focuses on inbound marketing techniques to help small to medium size businesses attract visitors and convert them to buyers.

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